Christmas Opera 2012

Who are you when you go home for Christmas? The text in the show is a story about this annual transfer. About to go from where you live to where you once lived. About to go home – back to what you moved from, the one you once were.

New Music Trondheim has made it a tradition to arrange untraditional Christmas concerts. This started out as volunteer projects where local musicians, writers and actors have lined up to present traditional and untraditional Christmas lyrics accompanied by contemporary music in all forms. This year NMT invites rock into contemporary music and utilizes the already functioning collaboration between practitioners 373505_257537287705235_815346343_nfrom jazz and classical environments in Trondheim. It becomes a steaming fresh collaboration between Alpaca Ensemble, Trondheim Sinfonietta and the local rock band Dog & Sky. Author Matt Burt and composer Eirik Hegdal, who have both contributed on several of NMTs events and Christmas concerts, are collaborating to compose music and stitch together this year’s Christmas concert. In addition we continue the cooperation with Pekka Stokke who made video scenes in last year’s Christmas opera. This year this visual expression will have an even more prominent role.



(The picture is from last year’s Christmas opera «Knekkende Julenøtter” – Photo: Thor Nielsen)