Khipukamayuq – Respons:Lene Grenager

Lene GrenagerFor this year’s Response Concert, Trondheim sinfonietta has invited composer Lene Grenager. Granger has composed a new cello concerto for the TSi cellist Marianne Baudouin Lie. Tonight’s concert will consist of the World Premiere of this new piece, ” Khipukamayuq , concert for cello and sinfonietta”, along side a work by the french composer, Philippe Hurel, “Figures Libres del 3″ from 2001,  and Dutchman Louis Andriessen´s explosive ” Workers union – for any loud sounding group of instruments ” from 1975 .

In the Trondheim Sinfonietta series Response, composers (usually Norwegian) are invited to present their music along with their inspirations. This way of presenting contemporary music on can contribute to better understanding of how classical music has evolved.

Lene Grenager (who also is a cellist) says the following about the cello concerto:

“I have in several works explored the possibilities of the solo concerto. The existence of a solo instrument´s specific characteristics form the basis for an enlarged musical situation, and provides new approaches for work with a larger ensemble, while I as a composer gets to explore deeper into that instruments possibilities as well as the individual artist´s unique  skills. The flute concerto “Off soundings” got the sound of air through a single pipe spread to an entire wind ensemble. In “The Operation” for percussion and sinfonietta we constructed a brand new solo instrument that gave new impetus to how an ensemble may sound. Working with another cellist adds additional layers to the process because I am concerned that the piece occurs in the encounter between two individuals and that it is adapted to the soloist´s character and special techniques. Marianne B. Lie and I have worked together on a number of projects, both in Alpaca Ensemble and as a solo musician. The idea was that the solo part should be developed in close collaboration with her so it really is adapted her unique playing style. I also wanted to incorporate the use of simple analog effects pedals in the piece, both for the soloist and in parts of the ensemble. «

Lene Grenager (b. 1969) is a composer and cellist who studied at the Norwegian Music Academy. She has also participated in a wide variety of courses and workshops with international names such as Iannis Xenakis and Louis Andriessen. She received Young People Lindeman prize in 2001. As a performer she has toured across Europe with the experimental improvisation ensembles Spunk and Lemur and in duo with Sofia Jernberg. Grenager regularly collaborates with musicians and ensembles such as Cikada, Ensemble Ernst and the Swedish Great Learning Orchestra, and is concerned that musicians own voices and choices are reflected her compositions, while simultaneously leaving no doubt that the core is clearly defined from her hand. This has led to considerable variation in notation techniques and detail in the different scores. Meanwhile, Grenagers work as performing improvisational musician left his mark on her written works.

The concert is at Dokkhuset Sunday 31 August at 1930

The concert is presented in collaboration with Dokkhuset Scene and New Music Trondheim

Trondheim Open 2014

Trondheim Open 2014 - åpning av Arthotelnorway Trondheim Sinfonietta is in full swing with Trondheim Open! It all started with Espen Aalberg and Rik de Geyter marking the opening of Art Hotel Norway at Brattøra on Thursday 2nd October.
On Saturday 4th October, Kaja Fjellberg Pettersen and Isa Caroline Holmesland contributed the musical element in connection with art tours at st . Olav’s Hospital at 1pm & 3pm
Trondheim Open ends with big party at the old gas station in Elgsetergata 21 Saturday 4 October at 7pm. Trondheim Sinfonietta will perform a selected movements of William Walton’s ” Facade”. The actress Mira Dyrnes Askelund will take the speaker role, and Torodd Wigum will conduct.




Trondheim Open 2014 - minikonsert på St.Olavs hospitalTrondheim Open 2014 - minikonsert på St.Olavs hospital


Trondheim Open 2014 - konsert i det gamle parkeringshuset i Elgsetergate 21.Trondheim Open 2014 - konsert i det gamle parkeringshuset i Elgsetergate 21.


Trondheim open 2014 - konsert i det gamle parkeringshuset i Elgsetergate 21.




New managing director for Trondheim Sinfonietta

Mari Ann Lervåg Pettersen
Mari Ann Lervåg Pettersen

The Board would like to welcome Mari Ann Lervåg Pettersen who took over as Trondheim Sinfonietta’s new managing director 1st of February.

We also want to give a big thanks to outgoing managing director Ingunn Sæther for all the extra man-hours, commitment and heroic efforts, and also to the ever present Marianne Lie , who has held the reins in the transition period.

Nachspiel: Terry Rileys «In C»

TSi nachspiel 001This spring’s nachspiel concert takes place in Olavshallen on thursday 23th of April right after the TSO concert. As usual, there are no tickets specially for the Nachspiel, just linger in the hall while we reshuffle the stage and make room for the audience where musicians normally sit.

In C was composed by Terry Riley in 1964 and written for an indefinite number of performers. He suggests a group of about 35 is desired, but smaller or larger groups will work. The piece consists of 53 short, numbered musical phrases, lasting from half a beat to 32 beats; each phrase may be repeated an arbitrary number of times. Each musician has control over which phrase he or she plays: players are encouraged to play the phrases starting at different times, even if they are playing the same phrase. The piece has no set duration, but Riley indicates performances normally average between 45 minutes and an hour and a half.
In C is a response to the abstract academic serialist techniques used by many modern classical composers such as Schoenberg up to the 1960s and is often cited as the first minimalist composition.
Terry Riley (F. 1935) is an American composer and musician, and is considered a pioneer in the development of the genre minimalist music. Riley was influenced by several music styles and directions. His most significant teacher was Pandit Pran Nath, a master of Indian classical singing. Riley was also influenced by John Cage, and, as he says himself, “the really great chamber music groups of John Coltrane and Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Bill Evans, and Gil Evans.” His music demonstrates just this spectrum of impacts where he pulls together threads from eastern music, the Western avant-garde and jazz.

John Riley music has been a great inspiration to many other composers, among them Steve Reich, Philip Glass and John Adams, as well as rock groups such as The Who, The Soft Machine, Tangerine Dream and many others.



Violin – Johannes Rusten
Cello/musical leader – Anton Lukoszevieze
Cello – Marianne Lie
Bass – Michael Duch
Flute – Trine Knutsen
Oboe – Philip Jordan
Clarinet – Rik de Geyter
Trumpet – Hans Petter Stangnes
Horn – Peter Hatfield
Piano – Else Bø
Percussion – Espen Aalberg
Hammond – Daniel Formo